The following pedigree chart going back to my great-great-grandparents gives an overview of my family tree. It is not intended to provide here great detail of my family history but to give some indication of my interests and the areas of research so far undertaken. Should you find some names of mutual interest I would be delighted to hear from you. Please send an email to Roger Baker at

b. 1811 Canterbury, Kent
m. 1831 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1895, Canterbury, Kent

b. 1845 Canterbury, Kent
m. 1863 Eastchurch, Kent
d. 1931 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1870 Canterbury, Kent
m. 1897 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1942 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1904 Canterbury, Kent
m. 1941 Staines, Middlesex
d. 1981 Ashford, Middlesex

b. 1815 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1891 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1813 Canterbury, Kent
m. 1834 St Peter Port, Guernsey
d. ?

b. 1847 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1917 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1811 Ringwood, Hampshire
d. ?

b. 1828 St Nicholas at Wade, Kent
m. ?
d. 1914 Goldstone Marshes, Kent

b. 1858 Kingston, Kent
m. 1877 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1887 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1878 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1917 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1825/26
d. 1880 Ramsgate, Kent

b. 1835/36 Dover, Kent
m.1858 Canterbury, Kent
d. ?

b. 1862 Canterbury, Kent
d. 1886 Canterbury, Kent

b. 1838/39 Canterbury, Kent
d. ?

b. 1864/65
m. 1891 Eton, Bucks
d. ?

b. 1910 Ashford, Middlesex
d. 1995 Sunbury, Surrey

b. 1810 Newton Longville, Bucks
m. 1833 Newton Longville, Bucks
d. 1880 Newton Longville, Bucks

b. 1837 Newton Longville, Bucks
m. 1866 Deptford, Surrey
d. 1916 Eton, Bucks

b. 1868 Eton Bucks
d. 1961 Weybridge, Surrey

b. 1812 Shenley Church End, Bucks
d. 1865 Newton Longville, Bucks

b. 1801/06 Chickerell, Dorset
m. ?
d. 1871 Slough, Bucks

b. 1838 East Grinstead, Sussex
d. 1923 Eton, Bucks

b. 1810/11 London
d. before 1881



George BAKER

Henry BAKERAlbert Harry BAKERLeonard Edward BAKER
Sarah Ann KINGStephen Wootton TAYLORSarah Emily TAYLORSusan Eliza WHITEGilderoy SCAMPThomas SCAMPMary Ann Esther SCAMPCatherine LOVEJohn FINNAdeline Eliza FINNPamely Wood BOORMAN



Frederick Ernest Seymour BARKER

Marjorie Constance BARKER




Thomas LINESusan Ann LINEMargaret EMERSONJames ROSESusan ROSEAnn SMITH
It is always difficult to decide just what names to research but from the very beginning I decided that I would limit my research to the names of my eight great-grandparents. At the time this seemed to offer a lot of scope but I soon found that it was not so easy. Firstly, one of these names was that of a gypsy family, SCAMP, and secondly, I am still in the position of being unable to establish any details about my maternal grandfather. Anyway, there now follows a summary of my research in terms of name, geographical area, time period and other general information.
BAKER The BAKERs have for several generations been associated with Canterbury, Kent but for a long time I was unable to go back further than the baptism of my great-great-grandfather George BAKER who was born in 1811. All census returns give his place of birth as Canterbury but his seemed to be the only baptism to Stephen and Sarah BAKER with no earlier trace of the family. I have recently discovered that the marriage of my great-great-great-grandparents took place at All Saints, Maidstone so I shall be turning my attentions to that parish in the near future.
TAYLOR The father of my great-grandmother, Sarah Emily TAYLOR, was Stephen Wootton TAYLOR who was the illegitimate child of Sarah TAYLOR. This is probably another one of those dead ends but it would seem reasonable to assume that the father of Stephen Wootton TAYLOR had the surname WOOTTON. In addition, at his marriage Stephen Wootton gave his father's name as Stephen TAYLOR so perhaps there is a good chance his father's name is Stephen WOOTTON. Proceeding on this basis I extracted all WOOTTON references from the Canterbury area parish registers. In fact the only one that fitted the facts was a burial entry on 10 Jul 1815 for Stephen WOOTTON, aged 26, from the Barracks, St Mary Northgate. He was in the 52nd Regiment. However, although I am able to trace most of his movements, the crucial period around 1810 remains a mystery and I cannot confirm he was in Canterbury at this time. Similarly, I have made no progress in tracing the family of Sarah TAYLOR.
SCAMP The forebears of my great-grandfather Thomas SCAMP were travellers and their records are to be found scattered throughout the Kent parishes. I have charts going back a further three generations to William SCAMP born 1742 and my information includes most of the collateral lines, some extending to the present day.
FINN My great-great-grandfather John FINN was born in Dover and was the son of William FINN and Elizabeth HATTON. He subsequently moved to Canterbury where he married Pamely Wood BOORMAN in 1858. I know very little about this family and I suspect that they were travellers and the relevant records are somewhere out there waiting to be found.
BARKER Although this is my mother's maiden name it is almost certainly not that of my maternal grandfather but, as you will see in the next few lines, the situation would not be that much easier if it was. My maternal grandmother, Susan Ann LINE, married Frederick Ernest Seymour BARKER in 1891. The marriage certificate states he was an Accountant at Taplow Mill and his father Henry Ernest Seymour BARKER was a Gentleman. They sound easy to trace but unfortunately this is not so. Firstly, the GRO indexes have no references to either birth or death of father or son. Secondly, there are no wills in the Somerset House Indexes. Thirdly, they cannot be found in the 1881 census, although I have not as yet been able to check the Scottish returns. It could be that they came from abroad; there is a rumour of connections to Canada in the family but I wouldn't know where to start with that as there is no specific information. In any case, all of this is not too much help as the marriage of my maternal grandparents ran into difficulties just after the birth of the first son, Cyril Frederick Seymour BARKER in 1892. On subsequent childrens' birth certificates the name James Cecil Mitchell BARKER (and in one case Albert BARKER) appears. Like the other BARKERs he seems to have not existed, but there are several James Cecil MITCHELLs although all of these can be eliminated. The electoral rolls are no help and neither have I found anything by looking in the 1891 census in all the obvious places. Maybe the 1901 census might throw more light on the problem. I am open to suggestions.
LINE The LINEs can be traced back with certainty to Edward LINE who was born in 1716 in Whaddon, Bucks. Subsequent generations of these farmers were associated with Newton Longville, Bucks until the end of the 19th century. (I hold indexes of the Newton Longville parish registers and also the census returns.) It is possible to trace the family back to the early 17th century although some difficulties and uncertainties do occur, particularly during the Commonwealth period. Thomas LINE my maternal great-grandfather moved to Eton, Bucks where he was a Butler at Eton College
ROSE Susan ROSE was the mother of my maternal grandmother, Susan Ann LINE. She was born in East Grinstead in 1838 and the occupation of her father James ROSE was given as gamekeeper; unfortunately the records of gamekeepers at the time make no mention of him. Later, for the births of his two sons, James and Frederick, in Slough his occupation is that of a Great Western Railway policeman; once again the records are not too helpful. Nevertheless, the 1851 census for Upton cum Chalvey, Bucks gives his place of birth as Chickerell, Dorset. Unfortunately, there is no trace of him in the parish registers for that village. However, it could be that this is not his true birth place as in 1871 he appears to be in the Eton Union Workhouse where his place of birth is given as Witfield or Warfield, Kent. He died there in that year and this death of a James ROSE is the only one in the GRO indexes that fits the date of birth. I have yet to check out the Kent parishes.