This Web Site was established on 30th January 1998 in order to make available to other researchers the large quantity of data that I have accumulated as a result of my investigations into the name SCAMP. It is my hope that by doing so I will not only be able to advance the research of others but at the same time acquire some of those missing items of information that have so far eluded me.
I began research into my family history in 1988 and quickly realised that my paternal grandmother came from a gypsy family. The fact that as a result the family records were scattered throughout the parishes of Kent and that I was not living in the UK made the prospect of tracing that side of my family tree rather unattractive and so I concentrated on the other lines. Then, in 1991 I became stuck in my researches and turned my attention once more to the SCAMPs by advertising the name in Family Tree Magazine. To my surprise I received a chart (unfortunately without dates for the events) showing several generations of the family and also some extracts from the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society. Suddenly, in spite of the distance, it all seemed possible and I was hooked, and so began my One Name Study. Since that time I have acquired a lot of data from helpful correspondents, not to mention those many hours at St Catherine's House which will have to remain a "fond" memory now that the new Family Records Centre has opened at Myddelton Place.
The Data Base will eventually contain in abbreviated form all of the material in my files but this will of necessity be a long term project. Nevertheless, access to the missing items is simplicity itself. I welcome any enquiries about the SCAMPs and would naturally be delighted to receive any information that increases my knowledge and enables me to provide a better service to other enquirers. So, if you have any questions or data you would like to pass on why not write now to Roger Baker at
Status of The Data Base (8th April 1998)
The current status is that The Data Base contains all Parish Register Index information, the GRO Births, Marriages & Deaths Indexes and the Somerset House Wills and Admon Index.
I have taken the opportunity to include on this Web Site a brief description of
my Family Tree and the names being researched. If you see a name of mutual interest or have any helpful suggestions I would like to hear from you. Please write to Roger Baker at